Matthieu Jimenez
2 weeks ago, I had the chance to assist to FSE’19 in Talling to present the final paper of my thesis titled: “The Importance of Accounting for Real-World Labelling When Predicting Software Vulnerabilities”, which was awarded with a Distinguished Paper Award . The paper presents the risks faced when using temporal data to train and evaluate Vulnerability Prediction Models(VPM). The paper can be found here.
Matthieu Jimenez Sep 10, 2019
On October 2nd , I defended my PhD and obtained the grade excellent. My thesis titled Evaluating Vulnerability Prediction Models is available online at the following address thesis.
Matthieu Jimenez Oct 13, 2018
Following the acceptance of my paper “On the Impact of Tokenizer and Parameters on N-Gram Based Code Analysis” at ICSME this year, the publication as well as the project section have been updated. Among the two added projects, tuna is the artefact going along with the paper. It contains different utilities such as tokenizer, nGram Model library, defect dataset generator tool as well as the code to reproduce the experiments. While the second added project called data7 corresponds to the refactored version of the vulnerability dataset generator tool used in my previous paper.
Matthieu Jimenez Jun 19, 2018
Hello everyone, The website have been updated with my latest publications, and as all greycat related project are now hosted by the greycat-incubator on github, the links have been updated.
Matthieu Jimenez Oct 25, 2017
Hello everyone, The website has been completely refactored and should hopefully be updated more frequently. A project section appeared describing the projects I’m currently working on or worked on.
Matthieu Jimenez Apr 19, 2017