Greycat AdditionaL Actions

Matthieu Jimenez Oct 17, 2017
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This library bring additional actions to the Greycat project. This library is compatible with the latest Greycat api (10). Compatibility with previous versions of Greycat (formerly MWDB) api can be found in previous release. The release of the plugin will follow the release of Greycat.


Actions are reusable elements hiding low-level, asynchronous task primitives behind an expressive API. Actions allows to traverse and manipulate the graph and can be chained to form a task.

Why additional Action?

A great number of action are already implemented and available in Greycat, please refer to the greycat.internal.task package of Greycat. However, thinking and implementing every possible actions would: 1) be impossible 2) drastically increase the size of the project.

That’s why only basic, i.e., atomic, actions are implemented.

Yet, users might need more composed actions like Injecting an object as a variable or Putting the result of a get action in a variable instead of in the result. This library aims at providing such actions and will evolves alongside Greycat, i.e., some actions might be added as a need for it is express and other removed to be directly integrated within Greycat.

What are those Actions

Currently offered actions are:

Can I create my own action?

Of course, feel free to take a look at the project to see how to implement your own action and see how to integrate them to your project.

How to use this library?

The library provides a maven configuration file, so just download the project, intall it using mvn install and add the following dependency to your project.


A jar version might be released in the future.

To use actions in your project import statically the actions you are interested in, in myLittleActions file.

import static lu.jimenez.research.mylittleplugin.MyLittleActions.*;

Then you can call them when you want within a task :

                .traverse("children") //formerly get
                .then(traverseOrAttributeInVar("name", "childrenName"))
                .execute(graph, null);